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About Us

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The Prevailing Life Ministries started on the 22nd of October 2005, with Pastor Peter Yakubu as the visioneer and General Overseer.

It celebrated it 1st service in a room which today is a small portion of the church auditorium.

The church has as one of its core values the raising of Disciples who love nothing but God, and who themselves will train up disciples who will depopulate hell and populate the kingdom of our God.

In the past years, the Church in addition to it regular Sunday and midweek (Wednesday) worship service - Power Encounter - which holds every Tuesday morning by 7am - 9am.

Mindful of the "Go Ye" mandate, (Mark 16: 15) the Church periodically set up strategic programmes to evangelize and win souls into the kingdom of God. In addition to crusades, the church is currently embarking on an aggressive reach out programme tagged, "OPERATION I SAINT, 2 SOULS.

In furtherance of this commitment, an Award system has been established to encourage whoever emerges as the "Evangelist" for any period under review.

In Prevailers Arena, the WORD is given pride of place in line with Acts 19: 20 - 'So mightily grew the word and prevailed.

We have a sustained programme were children are raised from the children class to the teenage church and ultimately to the Adult church.

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