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It is not fair to think life is not fair. Life has always been the way it has always been Then, Now and Forever. Nothing about life has changed but we and our perception of it. Life will always hand you your expectations of it. You bring out of life what you see in it which sequels your investment into it. Your investment into life is consequent upon the angle from which you view it. Consider life like a straight line graph where on both sides of the line are two opposing forces or occurrences; one side is positive and the other negative. Which side you turn to determines the idea you conceive about life. Life is a journey. Everything and many things happen in a journey. Many journeys don’t work out as pre-determined or planned, but what you become at the end of the journey will be dependent upon your attitude during the journey. Most journeys don’t go perfectly as planned and expected.

What do you do when in the course of your journey; you meet with unexpected delays, road bumps and diversions? Do you flair up and become enraged and embittered? Do you pretend not to know that these situations are not within your power to control? No body who embarks on a journey expects it to be ill-fated. We all hope for the best.


However, not all journeys end well. Yet, at the end of the journey, there was little or nothing we could have done to change the situation. Being so the case, it is fruitless to be angry with yourself or to develop an attitude during the journey.

Every one of us in this world – past, present and future, were born the same way. None of us knew what to expect. It appears some people were fortunate to have been born into certain families, class, clan or race while for some others, it is as if life handed them a tornado or catastrophe from birth. Yet, none of these situations is permanent. It is like a marathon race where over five hundred athletes are to compete and they all take off from a small portion of land as the starting points. While some athletes are in the front line others would be at the far back which could be several tens of meters, at least, a long way from those in the front line. Everyone cannot be in the front line. The passage is too narrow than could feature everybody in a straight row. Yet, the starting arrangement does not guaranty who comes first. Many at the back will overtake those ahead of them; many in the front line would fall out of the race before they go half way. Many more will be casualties of one accident or another; while still, many more will finish but at different times. The fact that the start up line was not the same is not enough to claim the race was unfair. The prize winner may not necessary be from the front row, and most of the time, never.

Life’s journey could be very rough and indeed, always very rough. So it is designed to be. We derive our strength from the turbulences, struggles and tides that it presents. As it is commonly said, “No Pain, No Gain”. So  also, life without it’s struggles is void of its testimonies. The struggles of life are actually tests that if we pass we move on to the next level and if we fail, we remain struggling at it. No one ever goes into the examination hall with the wrong attitude and expect to shine afterwards. Life’s journey is on a bumpy road and we can’t change that but we can change how we travel on it – grumpily or cheerfully. If all we see in the journey is the gallops, the delays, the disappointments and the trials, the journey will be a very long and boring one. But, if we sing our way through the journey, it would not only be interesting and exciting, the journey would be unusually shorter than expected. It is all about the attitude you pose.

Life’s journey is not always bumpy and turbulent; it can also be smooth and sweet. Negative is stronger than positive. Darkness is heavier than light. We lament darkness more than we celebrate light. Bad news spread faster and wider than good news because, the feet of evil are swifter than those of good. When a door is closed, we spend a longer time bemoaning it than we do finding the many more which are opened.

The journey is not all woes and pains; there are two sides to the coin. Both sides can’t be up simultaneously. The bible says it is good that a man bears the yoke in his youth (Lamentation 3: 27): implying that you must bear the yoke at one time or another but that it is preferable at the beginning. The elders would tell you every one has his rag day, but pray you wear your rags early in life so you won’t have to wear them later. The point here is, most people dwell so much on their rag day that they never are able to exit. Your dark days are only a passage to your sun-rise (Ps. 30: 5).

There is no situation or condition that is meant to be permanent; it is just transient. Jesus said “The first shall be last and last first”. Life is programmed in such a way that you never feel satisfied but to crave for more. The reason you always feel below where you ought to be is to inspire you to strive for more, not to halt and give up.

People who amplify their dark days: yoke or rag days – never finish strong because they don’t realize it is only a process to the next stage. There are many stops and stations we reach in the journeys of our life. We don’t go building tents in the stations until we reach the final stop. Unfortunately, most times we build tabernacles and tents at such transit points and never get to the destination.

When we build permanent tents around temporary sites, we make a ship – wreck of our life’s journey.

At the best, when we realize later that we still have a long way to go, we set out rather late to pursue our life’s purpose. Many destinies were stagnated not because God appointed it so, but that they lacked the luster and tenacity to scale the huddle or barrier ahead.

Obstacles do not exist. Obstacles are the things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

Instead of reclining or retreating from seemingly barriers, climb them and convert them to stepping stones.

As a person, you are built to solve problems. Problems are an integral part of our world: problem solving is in-built into our chromosomes. We don’t run from problems, we solve them. Our problems-solving ability is that divine device built into us that makes us who we are. We don’t approach life’s problems with despondence and fear, but rather with the right attitude – Joy. The bible says it is with joy we draw water out of the wells of salvation (Isaiah 12:3)– call it wells of life. The right attitude to finishing well and strong is Joy. No wonder that is the only thing the enemy seeks to steal from us – knowing if we lose our joy we lose our strength – Nehemiah 8: 10. We need strength to carry on. This teaches us therefore that in our dark hours, we should look ahead for sun rise because it will surely come with joy – Ps. 30: 5. Again, we see in the bible that to find the pleasures of life that are forever and don’t fade, we need to know the “Path of life”. And to find the path of life we need the produce from His presence – fullness of Joy. Joy is the tool or equipment we need to navigate our way through the journey. Life basically does not leave us with much of choices to make where life’s journey is concerned. We do not always have to do what we like but, it is expedient that we like what we do. To achieve this is to deliberately enjoy the journey.

Put in nutshell; look always on the sunny side of life. The earth is never all-round dark nor is it ever all-round bright: as one part darkens the other brightens. Soon, the dark gives way to brightness and the brightness on the other side rolls away and fades into darkness. It is never permanent. When you get in the dark, look on the bright side. This way you float your way to a never ending victory. You don’t deny the darkness around you but, though it is dark you choose not to dwell in it but switch to the other realm.

Doing this puts you in a different world from every other person. So, while men are cast down, you will be saying there is lifting up – Job 22: 29.

You are always living in the light all day long; always enjoying the journey. May I conclude here by saying that, anybody can be happy but not everybody possesses joy. Joy is not natural. Happiness is. Happiness is derived from the word “Happening”. Happiness is regulated by the occurrence that happens around, and as such, it is external. Joy is internal. It is the fruit of the Holy Spirit. You cannot possess joy if you do not have the Holy Spirit. Anybody can obtain happiness – it is outside. Rich people can buy it but joy comes with the Holy Spirit.

This is why the wealthy can abort their life’s journey through suicide because they lack that internal sustaining Power that comes only by the Spirit – Joy.

You will finish well and strong if you can sing your way through the dark tunnels and bumpy, dusty, twisted roads of life’s journey by enjoying the journey. The bumps and pot-holes are not against you but for you. They are not to stop you but to strengthen you. Let us meet at the end of the road, cheerfully, and embracing ourselves joyfully as we finish by the help of God’s Spirit.

Enjoy the journey.

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