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It is not fair to think life is not fair. Life has always been the way it has always been Then, Now and Forever. Nothing about life has changed but we and our perception of it. Life will always hand you your expectations of it. You bring out of life what you see in it which sequels your investment into it. Your investment into life is consequent upon the angle from which you view it. Consider life like a straight line graph where on both sides of the line are two opposing forces or occurrences; one side is positive and the other negative. Which side you turn to determines the idea you conceive about life. Life is a journey. Everything and many things happen in a journey. Many journeys don’t work out as pre-determined or planned, but what you become at the end of the journey will be dependent upon your attitude during the journey. Most journeys don’t go perfectly as planned and expected.

What do you do when in the course of your journey; you meet with unexpected delays, road bumps and diversions? Do you flair up and become enraged and embittered? Do you pretend not to know that these situations are not within your power to control? No body who embarks on a journey expects it to be ill-fated. We all hope for the best.

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